The fur worn on the upper arms and below the knees is  referred to as amaShoba. It is worn to give the appearance of greater bulk to the body so in battle the zulu men appear larger and stronger.

The front apron made from long animal skins worn on the hips is called the inJobo.
The cow hide or calf skin rear apron is called the iBeshu. With the tribe’s older men, the iBeshu is ankle length, while on younger men it is knee length. A headband is traditionally used only by married men.

The Zulu Tribe’s king is traditionally dressed in leopard skin. The leopard in the African animal kingdom is revered as the king of predators, so only those of an elevated social position can wear its skin. An induna (the king’s advisor, great leader or commander of group of warriors)  is allowed to only wear a leopard headband to show is status in the tribe.

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